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W.M. Keck Foundation: David Haussler, Benedict Paten

Since the sequencing of the human genome was announced in 2000, much has been learned about the remarkable level of genomic variations in diverse human populations. However there is no framework to reliably compare these variations to understand their role in health and disease. This …

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DNA sequencer the size of a mobile phone

By Branwyn Wagman, UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute Investigators at the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute have optimized performance of a mobile-phone-sized MinIONTM DNA sequencer, marketed by Oxford Nanopore. Their work was reported in Nature Methods on February 16, 2015. The MinION device reads individual …

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2015: Year of the Genome Map? Maybe so, Says Simons.

It’s no secret that genetics is hot right now, especially in the brain realm. The biggest story of 2014 was Ted Stanley’s stunning $650 million gift to mental health research at the Broad Institute, a research center that grew out of the Human Genome Project. …